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Rio Doce Mine

14622 Hwy 226 S

Spruce Pine NC 28777


P.O. Box 296

Little Switzerland, NC 28749



Fax: 765-2097


Rio Doce Gem Mine is open everyday from Easter through Halloween.

The operating hours are from 9:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.


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There will be Extra charges for all items shipped outside of the Continental U.S
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This is a Mystic Quartz Pendant
16 x 12 mm in a Regalle Setting
Item # 0591612
$44.95 incl. shipping


0591612 MysticQuartzPendantRegalleSetting


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This is a Mystic Quartz Pendant
16 x 12 mm  in a Basket Setting
Item # 0501612
$ 44.95 includes shipping


0501612 MysticQuartzPendantBasketSetting


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Rio Doce Gem Mine in Spruce Pine, North Carolina offers rough for the lapidary who wants rough by the gram or by the pound.  Rio Doce is world-famous for having the very best rough available.  we want you to trust your shipments so that we can expand our customer base of only satisfied people from all over The United States.




 roughCitrine 300


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 roughGarnetColor 300


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AmetrineRough 300


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roughAmethystMediumColor 300



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Buckets of Gem Ore Shipped to Your Home


Rio Doce Gem Mine in Spruce Pine sells a lot of buckets of gem ore on-site to our visitors and vacationers.  For those who want  to continue the experience at home, we will send you a bucket of gem ore either in a large size priced at $155.00 freight included, or $85.00 for a smaller bucket including freight.


bucket-of-gemstone-ore 300



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AWS Scale - Portable Accuracy

AC-100 is a durable and compact pocket scale with easy to use three key operation. The backlit LCD display helps make the numbers viewable and easy to read. The ingenious protective cover doubles as asturdy expansion tray. With the smooth stainless steel weighing surface clean up is easy.


scaleAWS AC100 02


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Capacity 100g / 3.528oz / 500ct / 1543gn
Readability 0.01g / 0.001oz/ 0.05ct / 0.5gn
Linearity ±2d
Repeatability ±2d
Stabilization Time 3-5 seconds
Calibration Weight 100g(not included)
Scale Dimensions 2.4 x 4.5 x 0.7"
Platform Dimensions 2.2 x 2.8"
Power 2 x AAA Batteries (included)
Warranty 10 Year Limited Warranty




Ceramic laps have been known for sharp facets and good polishing properties.  If someone can get one to work. Rather unforgiving, and relying on critical thin film effects, when operated by the right person under the right conditions, most agree they produce perfect finishes.




The rest of us would like these results with a more forgiving version of the lap, that being a wider band of operating parameters.

The "MATRIX™" Ceramic Composite lap has a self-renewing microtexture and surface complexity that allows better polish retention and a less critical fluid film thickness. The MATRIX™ surface was characterized by computer programs similar to those used in the design of all-weather tires.(FD is 1.8927).

The 8" MATRIX™ is made on a full-thickness master lap baseplate to emulate the heavy rigid feel of a ceramic lap.

The MATRIX™concept was suggested by Adamas Instrument, as was the suggestion of the thicker base.


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Rio Doce Gem Mine supplies, as part of its lapidary inventory, 260 & 1200 gem cutting laps.  They are 8 inch laps with a 1/2 inch arbor.


260 GemCutttingLap 300



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The LIGHTSIDE™ is a specialty lap designed to replace the Wax Laps used on softer stones with a smooth, durable surface and a remarkably low frictional coefficient against the stone to minimize heating effects.





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BUY REAL 24 KARAT GOLD HERE at Rio Doce Gem Mine - Two Sizes


Small Size


goldSmall 300


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Large Size


 goldLarge 300


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