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Rio Doce Mine

14622 Hwy 226 S

Spruce Pine NC 28777


P.O. Box 296

Little Switzerland, NC 28749



Fax: 765-2097


Rio Doce Gem Mine is open everyday from Easter through Halloween.

The operating hours are from 9:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.


Who's Online

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Jerry Call has retired and is living a happy life.  Bob & Elaine Jones have taken over the business in Spruce Pine, NC and enjoy Jerry's visits and continuing conversations.  Although Jerry is no longer formerly associated with Rio Doce Mine, we thought it best to talk about Jerry a bit so that the perspective is considered.  Bob & Elaine have retained all the staff and continue with holding lapidary classes.


Bob & Elaine Jones


bobAndElaine 300

Bob & Elaine Jones are the current owners of Rio Doce Gem Mine.  They are, indeed, avid lapidary specialists.  They have kept all of the staff at Rio Doce, as that staff has become very popular with returning guests.

Sara Werner

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Sara Werner has been working at Rio Doce since 1994 and is a 2005 graduate from GIA.  Sara is involved with all aspects of Rio Doce and is very good at jewelry repair.


Jorge Roderigues

george 300

Jorge Rodrig has been at Rio DOce since 2001 and has had experiences working the mines in Brazil.  Jorge has done lapidary work since 1984.


Vera Dale

vera 300

Vera Dale has been with Rio Doce since 2006 and has donelapidary work since 2011.


World Famous Jerry Call

Jerry Call was born in North Carolina where he picked up the local gemstones as a young boy.  Later in life to the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California.  He became a graduate gemologist and went to work for the gemological Institute on Fifth Avenue in New York jerry2as an instructor and Diamond grader.

Jerry has been a consultant to Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Company, citrine-cut-stone2Cartier and the American Gem Society. 

Jerry has cut stones for many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor.

He cut the famous Carolina Emerald, which is now owned by Tiffany & Company. 

Among Jerry's other world record credentials are the cutting of the world's largest phenakite (555 carats I bet that would even keep Bugs Bunny happy for a while) and the world's largest euclase (18.29 carats)

Jerry Call has maintained a home and worked in the Vale Rio Doce, Brazil for more than thirty years. His wife Geruza, and children, Frederico and Amethyst-cut-stone2Karina were born in the valley. Jerry is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America where he also was an Instructor of Gemology. Jerry and his family are Master Gem Cutters.

Jerry Call, Inc. is currently involved in large scale mining operations in the valley and operates a precious gem stone Import and Export Company in Brazil, where he exports large quantities of fine gem material.